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Closing the door

March 15, 2011
Me making money!

I like to work, I'm rich Mitch!

Hey! How’s it gong?

It’s pretty good for me here, thanks for asking. But then I’m Mitch Greene, and it always goes well for me. That because I know how to Close the door! You know, like closing a sale.

Yeah, so how can I close the door Mitch? That’s what you’re asking yourself, right?

Let me give you an example. I can tell you all about closing the door just by telling a story that looks like it’s about something else. That’s called an alligatoral story. Remember that. I got a college education so trust me.

When you wanna go closing the door, you gotta make sure it’s open first. Get me? So this is like an alligatoral story about closing the door, and the alligatory part is a door! So there you go – if you wanna close a door, make sure it’s open first. Don’t be one of those jerks you see trying to close a door that’s already closed!

Second thing is that the door has to be worth closing. You don’t wanna close the door on a gay orgy, cos then your stuck their and you’ll wish you’d knowed what the other side of the door was before you went and opened it. I ain’t doing that again! So when you open the door, look to see if it’s worth closing. Just let the door swing on that orgy but don’t let it hit you on the ass on your way out!

Now point C is the most important one. You opened the door, you see you wanna go in but how the hell d’ya close the door so that nobody gets in after ya, ruining it for ya? Alligatorally I always fart. Nobody wants to walk through an alligatory fart. So fart when you stand in the door – go on, be ruthful. Yes, the door you opened and looked in on is the one you gotta cut some cheese, aligatorally, in.

So closing the door? Now listen carefully, you get the alligatory  knob in your hand and you pull it towrds you until you feel the tension release. Then you know the latch caught.

Remember to wash your hands! I won’t let anyone shake my hand after I pulled on a knob and cos I close a lot of doors I pulled on a lot, and I mean a lot of knobs. Some of them were huge!

Stay tuned for more biz tips on this space soon!


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