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Enterprise Computing

March 16, 2011

Hey! It’s me, Mitch Greene, coming back at ya!

Know much about computers? No? Don’t worry, I do and in this blog I’m going to stop you worrying about enterprise computing. Everybody’s talking about it.

Enterprise computing sounds really complicated. And I bet it is too, but I come to it at a fifty thousand feet view type of level because I’m a businessman. It’s simple, and I’m glad you asked me about it.

You’ve seen Star Trek, right? What? You haven’t? How have you gone your hole life without…well never mind. You know about it, you heard of it? Good. Because that’s important in Enterprise Computing.

Remember that in Star Trek the space ship was called Enterprise? And it had all these fancy computers with flat screens? And computers, especially my new iPad, are like that now, right? Well that’s what enterprise computing is – computers like on Star Trek. That’s why it’s called enterprise computing.

Simple. Go luck it up if you don’t believe me!

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