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Dog Handling

March 17, 2011

Dogs at work? It says a lot about a company. I got a huge dog, a Great Dane. We love Heston at the office!

When Jimena, my beautiful third wife said she wanted a dog this is what I went right out and got for her. Sure, she might have wanted a chihuahua or a pomeranian but then what would people think of me? I ain’t no lamer with no gay dog for people to laugh at! Jimena needs big, panting mastiff rubbing up against her leg! Don’t worry, the dry cleaners know us and already know how to handle the stains.

All my hundreds of staff know and love Heston and they don’t find him slowing there work down any neither! They still make money when they are on the phone and it makes everybody more calm. Clients hear that, believe me. And if they visit, except for that one with asthma that time, they love it too! The asthmatic was okay when they got him to the hospital anyway.

Heston is a really obedient and quiet dog and boy he puts back in as much as he takes out! Anybody that says dogs don’t belong in the office don’t have my thirty years of experience! Just tell me about any allergies before he licks your tongue!

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