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Treat your staff good!

March 18, 2011

Motivation is very important. Apart from my motivational speeches, I got some techniques too.

I like to keep the help happy. After all I couldn’t do the work of hundreds of people and that’s why I got hundreds of people working for me. Take Ray, my office manager. That guy might make partner in my organization one day so to make sure he knows that you gotta get hum stuff.

I want Ray here whenever I say, so I did something special for him. I got him a phone so I can tell him to get over here, or he can pick things, like clients, up from the airport. Phones are expensive here in Spain and I hurt my throat shouting him over when he was fifteen miles away!

Phones are expensive in Spain

Sometimes I need a man anf this is how I call him

When I tell him to get over here he’s gotta have a car to get here, cos when I want a man like Ray, I want him now. And I need to impress those clients being picked up from the airport.

You have to use your wheels to impress clients

Course I tell Ray that he needs to act like a partner before he can be a partner. And the best thing is that he believes it!

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