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Where d’ya wanna go?

March 20, 2011

Flying from A to B? Visit Z and save money! You’re a world traveler too, right?

I flew me and my strategic team to Amsterdam and we saved $13.71. Each. Yeah, that’s right, nearly thirty bucks! Here’s how!

All ya gotta do is fly from Ibiza to Tripoli. I know a guy that’ll take you there on his boat too. Tripoli to Rome, and hell, your nearly there! So it’s 10 hours until you got the flight to Tirana. You’ll see some sights on this trip! The departure lounge in Tbilisi is really something!

I should be a travel agent!

So then you only got a few more flights and you get to Hamburg airport. Rent a car. I know a guy that rents without a credit card! GPS? I got three other letters for ya: M-A-P.

Buy one!

Or get an iPad. My iPad has GPS. You should get one and stop touching mine.

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