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Excess baggage! Free!

March 21, 2011

Was trying to pay less! Catch some REAL criminals!

Airlines are always squeezing every dime outta ya! I ain’t rich!

Squeeze yourself into this gap!

What ya gotta do is, you know the chek-in weighing scales? Act all casual and put your toe of the sole of your shoe in the little gap between the weighing plate and the base. You can use either foot, not both. Jeez!

What you don’t gotta do, believe me, is get a magnet out of your pocket and place it on the scales!

Don't get this out in an airport!

Cos if you do you can end up face down on the floor with guns at your head!

Do I look like a terrorist? Course not! But that’s what my potential clients ended up thinking. I was only saving us some money!

These guys didn't believe me!

Jeez, I ain’t doing that again!

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