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Got worms? I’ll worm ya for less!

March 30, 2011

I love dogs!

This still don''t stop him licking the you know what

But not as much as Jimena, my gorgeous third wife. She’s got a triple masters and speaks six languages! But that don’t stop her loving animals as much as Doctor Doolittle.

What? Are you crazy? No, she can’t speak dog!

But she ain’t so much of a cat person and she told me that’s cos there tongues are too rough! She hates it when they lick her and I never saw her licking a pussy!

But she loves it when Heston licks her! It was always gonna happen to such an open woman: she got worms off Heston. What ya gotta do for that is go to the doctor.

Save money on that and just use herbal medicines. Make ’em yourself!

I asked her why she had worms in her other special place, you know, that restaurant next to the waste outlet. She told me it was the way she was wiping. She should have asked me! I coulda showed her how to wipe her ass for less!

Now, where’s the number for that gynecologist…


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