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I find good staff! Cheaper! Ask me!

March 31, 2011

I met a German on the beach! I need a thong too! It was 120° out there!

Now he’s working for me in my organization. I tell ya, ya gotta have German in your organization’s languages. They got all the money!

So I recruited this German, he’s called Dieter. Well, I think it’s Dieter but I can never be sure cos I got hundreds of people working for me all over the world. Nobody could remember all those names!

He was looking for work on the beach, his fine form clad only in a thong. That was lucky for him, I was there on a recruitment drive. Boy it payed off!

I got this product to sell to local bars.

Makes dregs like this...

It pumps every drop out of their beer kegs! Perfect opportunity for a hungry German to sell to other Germans. But thirsty ones, not hungry ya dipwad! Jeez, I ain’t giving you no job!

...into this heady brew

I got some fliers printed for him, and he can use a phone at the office. The guys gonna do great! He speaks amazing German!

Shame he don’t speak much English!

Remko can translate. He’s from the capital of Amsterdam – Holland! The proper name is republic of Neverlands.

He speaks loads of languages!

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