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Save on phone calls!

April 1, 2011

Ya know women, right? No? Jeez, you must have at least MET one!

Yadda, yadda, yadda on the phone all the time! And to who, I don’t know!

I always make her speak English in front of me so I know what she’s sayin’. But she wouldn’t speak English on those calls cos her ‘friend’ only speaks Spanish. What a moron! Get a new friend!

They always go on and on on the phone!

So anyway, it all adds up, plus I don’t really know about the ‘friend’. So I wanna make the phone bill limited. But you have to speak Spanish. And the no way the phone is in my name. I don’t put my name on nuthin’!

I never usually pick up a pen!

So I tells her to phone the phone company up and change the bill. And she said no! And she closed the sweet shop! I pride myself on gettin’ plenty of action! Jeez!

Usually I get plenty of this!

I ain’t doin’ that again!

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