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Great hire! Ya know, the German!

April 3, 2011

So I got this German on board. And I got him down cheap. I love those ones that love livin’ here! I pay him like 50 Euros a week and he can live in one of the apartments I have in the office complex.

He get’s commission, too, ya dipwad!

Anyway I showed him the luxury apartments he can stay in and we sat down next to each other on the bed. We had a manly chat. About workouts – the guy is so ripped i just wanna…anyway I workout a lot too! That was as manly as it got though! I ain’t no fruit!

Hey, MGTWJ designed this!

When I showed him the shower I asked him whether if he, ya know, went camping in the woods and, just if, he woke up with Vaseline on his ass would he, y’know. tell anyone. He looked at me kinda weird and stepped back.

Which was hard, those bathrooms ain’t king size! He shoulda got the cut stitched!

MGTWJ has some really sharp design ideas!

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