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Whose stain is this anyway?

April 4, 2011

So the gynecologist guy, right. No, ya remember! When I wormed my gorgeous third wife!

Anyway, Jimena was kind of scared when she saw it. I freaked way the heck out! We drove her in my BMW convertible. I got a good deal on it. We drove her straight to the ER.

After the gynecologist cleaned her out he came out to ask me when we last had sex. Not me and the doc, ya moron, me and my gorgeous third wife Jimena.. aw hell, let’s call her M.G.T.W.J. It’s an abbreviation, ya moron! Stop asking me for a job!

Anyway, he axed me when me and M.G.T.W.J last, ya know, made love. Stop laughin’! Well ya know I never go short, but lately I ain’t been feeling so good and she shut the shop, dude! So I told him three weeks.

When I said that the doc jumped, kind startled, moved his glass around, stared at the floor, mumbled and ran away to the cubicle. then I heard them all laughing in Spanish! I hate that!

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