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I want him in me now! In my organization! Jeez

April 6, 2011

Ya know, I really like my German Dieter.

He likes to hang around at the beach like some kind of bum. I take a bum like that and use my mouth and hands on it. Then I’m ready to take him. I get that from my 30 years of recruitment experience, see.

But I won’t have that beach bum style of dress in my office.

Dress right, like this. Come on, be professional!

Me and my hundreds of people are professionals! We dress like it too: no white t-shirts or vests!

Now Dieter is doing a really good job selling beer dregs, but to get the most out of him I want him cold-calling Germany for me. And the other places they speak German – Australia and Sweden. I ain’t no dummy!

I know he’s doing a good job ‘cos he used all those fliers I got for him. He asked for more: I just gave him the money!

He sure distributed those fliers quick!

That’s the kinda guy I am – all trusting and giving. Ax anyone!

So I have to think about having this ripped German walking around the office nearly naked.

MGTWJ is thinking about it too. She thinks about him strategically! She’s the VP of Corporate Strategy! Jeez. I completely satisfy her!

I was dreaming about My Gorgeous Third Wife Jimena!

Potential clients don’t wanna see naked bums hanging out when they exploremy massive organization. Especially they wouldn’t like it if I had a funny turn! Ya know! With the shortness of breath and the drooling!

When I make a decision on this I gotta remember to wear the camp shorts that hide the flagpole!

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