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The client came! In your face!

April 8, 2011

My client has a big, i mean a BIG, load of money!

You know what LinkedIn is right? What? Jeez, where you been livin’? Click on the link knucklehead!

I saw someone on LinkedIn  – but don’t look for me their ‘cos I know that tax services do!  Anyway once I got him a job in TLA!

You know! TLA! What? Are you stupid? They are one of the biggest software companies in the world! Jeez

Anyway, he’s needing a company, a organization, to do things for them! And maybe I could tender for it! It’s s0me technical BS. I’ll find some guy to run it for me!

When I get their clients I’m gonna sell it back to them! I’ll make millions!

I’ve got thirty years of experience and, believe me, low price is always a winner when you bid for services. All I need to do is find the people they need for the rock bottom prices I’ll charge TLA. How the haitch ee double hockey sticks can I do that?

Easy! Everyone loves Ibiza!

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