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It’s their party & I’ll cry if I want to!

April 26, 2011

You know they make ya test former rental cars a lot more! Jeez!

You know, driving my 3 Series convertible (I got a good deal) back from the office on Friday. And it was l-a-t-e. Late.

It’s demanding being in charge of a multinational organization!

The rent dropped after this!

When I drove up to the house – hey it’s beautiful! – I noticed all the lights and noise. It didn’t surprise me, not since the extraordinary rendition and the mass suicide this year. The house ain’t just gorgeous, though – it’s cheap!

Anyways, I grabs my iPad – think photo opp – and gets over there. But the people in orange jumpsuits weren’t paramedics. They were hired dancers!

These are NOT hazmat suits!

I ended up holding the iPad over my face to take pictures. They pole danced on me! Luckily i saw a lot of that from Heston!

These guys partied along!

Now, I love a bit of noise and action. At the beach resorts – not at my home! And there are laws about it too!

But when the cops showed up they didn’t care! They wouldn’t stop partying so I just stayed.

And it worked! People started leaving straight away!

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