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Africans in Super Size Shades!

May 4, 2011

Somebody in another resort wants a kiss me quick hat!

Me and my team were working late at the office the other night. Real late. The guys wanted a beer when they finished so we went to the pub next door and I let them buy me some drinks. When I was waiting for them to serve me all these Africans came over. They were wearing really big shades and undersized hats. They wanted me to buy some!

These glasses really help drunk people see in the dark!

Remko got a bit tired of them. Especially the fifth lot that came over. But the Africans after that were when it really went West. Remko tells them he don’t want none of their garbage, they get offended. Remko stands up, punches the biggest guy and runs off!

That leaves me and Nigel facing these angry Nigerians, or whatever. Nigel was trying to charm us out of it. He wasn’t doing no good so I helped.

Luckily some police walked nearby and the Angolans, or whatever, ran off.

This morning Nigel got a Henna tattoo saying no hats, no glasses, no kidding. The other Henna tattoo just had two words. The second word was ‘off’!

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