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Public lice?! What are they?

May 19, 2011

Those Spanish accents! She meant PUBIC! Gross!

Jimena speaks five languages and her main one is Spanish so I got out of that jail! It was disgusting!

It must have made Jimena paranoid as well – she kept scratching herself in the garden state while she drove home.

When Jimena got me home she was really keen for some action! I was a bit stressed from the day but she insisted and I just had to do the dutiful.

Jeez, now I got that itch in my garden state too!

Jimena has a garden state but I got a giant redwood!

But mine is more like a giant redwood up there in Oregano!

At least that’s what the doctor said when I axed her about the itchin’! You don’t need to know no Spanish to know that look on a womans’ face!

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