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I gotta burn my junk!

May 21, 2011

Maybe this will be enough. I hope I don't need anything stronger!

I can’t believe it! Me!

I’m picky and ‘cos of those scuzzy cells I’ve got a case of crabs – and not the kind you eat at a restaurant!

So what that means is that everything I was wearing or touching has to be cleaned!

Do you think dry cleaning is enough? Pressure

Cleaning products like this...


Scrubbing my private parts until they’re raw?

Course, Jimena might like that. Scrubbing her raw. But I ain’t letting her put the cuffs on me! this really costs money!

Not after the last time!

I think I’m gonna have to burn my stuff. I know, I know! It costs money – but does cleanliness  have a


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