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It’s gotta be clean!

May 28, 2011

At the weekend I like to spend our

Yeah - it's famous! It was used in the Spanish Beverly Hillbillies! As their old house!

time – me and MGTWJ – by really making sure that our palace-like house is spick and span.

Ya know, I hate dirt. I have to wash my hands every time I close a door. Those knobs have a lot of germs! And I HATE it when MGTWJ leaves teaspoons on the counter after she makes me a drink!

After the infestation with the public lice I had to make sure everything I sit on or wear is purified. Ritually. So I built a cage to hold all our stuff – cos MGTWJ has to lose her things too – so that we can make a bonfire.

I got thirty years of experience with insurance! And I got a hose, so this won't happen!

I COULD find a Hindu that wants a traditional burial, or whatever, and that would make me some of the money back. Of course I got it all on insurance. I told MGTWJ to buy some, cos the nickelheads don’t speak English.

Ya did get some, didn’t ya honey?

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