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Makin’ an airtight from a spitroast and a Hindu!

May 30, 2011

Hey! Remember I gotta clean my house with gasoline and matches? C’mon nickelhead – click the link!

Anyway, I just ain’t making enough money with the insurance claim on the stuff in my house. So I’m doin’ what I used to do in India – doubling up the insurance scam with a funeral! Craigslist didn’t come through for me!

Ibiza is wantin' this extreme sport in the Olympics!

There’s a guy with a name longer than America, and he dived into a swimming pool from the 5th floor!

I saw that in the paper and used my cold calling skills to sell him the funeral of his dreams!  Win Win!

And Ibiza being a party island an’ all, lets’ triple it up! So I’m a-makin’ it a barbeque and charging guest to come!

Doctors here know this workout routine!

Remko told me that doing two things at once is a spitroast, and three things at once is called an airtight! I don’t know where Remko knows all this fancy English from – he ain’t never even lived in America. Or the other places they speak English, whatever they’re called!

Dieter can get me business for this airtight when he’s pitching my beer dregs around the bars!

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