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Made a FAST getaway!

November 22, 2011

Hey! Back here for my business tips? You know you need ’em!

I know I’ve been away for a while – but I had to run so fast from the funeral pyre! The door didn’t hit my ass on the way out, but if I didn’t shave my ass it would’ve been singed!

Sure made it out of there cheap! I took a few flights to get to Belfast, but it was cheaper than just getting one straight here. The flight to Belize was on a Limey Navy cargo flight. Didn’t even know that Limey’s had a Navy! That cost me nothin’!

Getting from Belize to Tokyo was a little more difficult. I strapped myself under a pack donkey across to the Pacific.

That sure cleared my passage!

Boy did that donkey get excited – but being raped is free! Then I got in the wheel housing of a plane. Sure, it was cramped and cold, but what a view! And no line for the toilet – the donkey ride got rid of my constipation!

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