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I Was Honored Like a King!

November 25, 2011

So I managed to get from Vietnam into India!

You know, I got thousands of people working for me in India, and I know some of them are gonna wanna help me out! I did so much for them, and what goes around comes around!

When I found the place with thousands of my employees I found the guy I know. He was so pleased to see me! But they show that in a funny way in India, like they turn and run and hide or something. Anyway, once I get hold of him he tells some of my other thousands of employees about me, and how I like to travel internationally. In Indian, or whatever language they speak.

I travel in style! My thousands of employees treat me like royalty!

It turns out that travelling by elephant is the honor they want to give me!

Apparently the real honor is travelling IN the elephant! I’m like Noah in the Elephant, like the bible story!

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