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Mary Poppins: Pied Piper of Hamlet

May 1, 2012

Now when you get your sacks filled with gas, don’t forget that you’re lighter than air! When I realized this I had to start handing out balloons to those kids!

But, hey, I’m no child molester! Ask MGTWJ! “Pedophile!” That’s what the parents started shouting when they saw me handing gifts to their kids! So I starts running!

And those balloons cost money, so I grabbed them back off the kids. Hey presto! I’m like Mary Poppins and the Pied Piper of Hamlet rolled into one!

99 red balloons!

I got the kids parents reaching for me, but I have my secret gas weapon! I let one rip to jet away, but the spicy food really was an afterburner!

Those parents should think themselves lucky! I mean, if a pigeon dumps on you it’s lucky, so if a successful businessman like me does it  then it stands to reason it’s luckier, right?!?


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