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Squaw Crotch, Saskatchewan: a Hole in the Market!

May 8, 2012

These guys work for whiskey!

I’m getting people telling me “more business, Mitch, less adventures”! Well, that’s what it sounded like when the office called me. They are lost without my guidance! 

That’s leadership, see. Even though I’m hanging by a thread over the Alps they still look to me. Boy, I sure wish those fighter jets would stop buzzin’ me!


He wouldn’t stop talking!

So I gets on the phone to Chief Broomstick out in Squaw Crotch! Those guys will work for a bottle of whiskey! I got them doing cold calling for me even cheaper than Indian Injuns can! Sure, I was doing all the talking on the call and I couldn’t hear anything from the Chief because the Swiss, French and Italian jets keep circling me, but I know they have the wisdom to do this!

Jeez, is it cold up here! Woah, one of the balloons slipped outta my hand!


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