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Mitch Greene Reflects: #ReplaceAMovieTitleWithCoochie!

June 21, 2012

#ReplaceAMovieTitleWithCoochie??!! What?!
Ya know what? I’m restraining myself here, why just stick to business advice, right?

This longest day polar saltire is really getting me hot! That’s what I said, summer solstice, didn’t ya hear me?


And I didn’t mean that kind of hot, neither!

Summer solstice, already!

What I gotta focus on is my wisdom stuff! I have foreskin! Fore-SIGHT! Listen to me – Fore-SIGHT! Fore-SIGHT!

I’m like the Daily Lamer of more stuff than just business. Could do religion and, you know, talking about stuff, like that other Daily Lamer. Ya know! The bald Asian guy who wears a robe!  I could be bigger than him –

Why ya looking at me like that for, ya nickelhead?
#ReplaceAMovieTitleWithCoochie?? Tootsie would just be called Coochie! Easy!


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