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About Mitch

About me? What can I say? I’m Ibiza’s leading entrepreneur, that’s who. I forgot more about business than you will ever know. Thirty years of experience, see.
I run a major international company here in Ibiza. We got hundreds, and I mean hundreds, of people working for my clients. I have thirty years of experience in business and I want you to benefit from it. Read all my business secrets by reading my day to day life in this blog. This is stuff you can’t get from a book!
And I got an iPad! I can update the blog with my iPad from anywhere because it’s an iPad. All computers will be like this one day, believe me.

Sure, I got a wife. You thought a guy like me would be single? Too late, already taken. For the third time. So wait around and you never know your luck! Kids? Yeah, got some out there somewhere but those are only the ones I know about! But you don’t wanna know about me, you wanna see what makes me so successful. Make this a blog you read regularly and then you will! Who knows, may be you can be even more successful than me!

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